Project Description


Wall relief

Stainless steel, acrylic glass

Commissioned permanent artwork

Dunbar Place is a new exclusive boutique style residential property in the heart of Homantin. Its architecture is contemporary yet with a Chinese touch. In the Entrance Lobby seven wall niches open up like windows to abstracted nature scenes from a secret garden. Tableaus of art-deco style grass foliage and rose flowers with insects buzzing above are made from stainless steel in matching silver and champagne gold finish. The elements gain extra depths and three-dimensional effect because they are elevated on acrylic glass, overlaid each other and partially upraised creating intriguing reflective effects of light, the surrounding and the flora and fauna.

For the same property more artworks were created in the Function Room called the Secret Garden.

Commission created for Swire Porperty at Dunbar Place, Homantin (HK)
in collaboration with Neuberg Arts Development